DANSØTOPIA - Biennale #2015

A look at contemporary creation

A festival proposed around the International Day of Dance.    

Number Zero / May 7 to May 10 at the Centrum voor Jonge Kunst (CJK), Ghent (BE).       DANSØTOPIA - biennale #2015

The DansØtopia Biennale wants to question its own identities, universes and creative convictions. It has the will to support emerging artists, to propose a cultural and intergenerational exchange between professionals of the stage and amateurs, and to develop a reflection that will serve as a basis for a creative construction.

DansØtopia offers free activities accessible to all. A program of professional dancers / choreographers, for unique workshops and performances performed for the venue. A broadcast of experimental films, a dance jam, concerts and an opera by eighty young people, to end the festival in symbiosis with all the participants.

April 29, 2015 is the International Day of Dance. A day celebrated in more than 150 countries around the world, initiated by the International Council of Dance (CID) and UNESCO, to pay tribute to dance and gather around a universal language that abolishes all barriers. DansØtopia is an event open to the public in a spirit of sharing and discovery.



Scheduled artists:

 Palco 11zero8/Gennaro Maione (IT) - performance/workshop - http://www.palco11zero8.com/site/tag/teatro-la-ribalta/

 Anne-Dolorès Marcelis (BE) - performance/workshop - http://www.annedoloresmarcelis.com/

 Cie Rochdi Belgasmi (TUN) – performance/workshop - http://www.rochdibelgasmidance.com/

 Cie Ma'(FR) - performance - http://www.compagniema.com/la-compagnie/

 Shaula Cambazzu (FR/BE) – performance/workshop - https://www.linkedin.com/in/cambazzu-shaula-2b74102

 Labo DSN/Selim Aydoğdu (BE/TR)- Performance/workshop - http://labodsn.e-monsite.com/

 Nadia Jendoubi (BE/TUN) – workshop 

 Fernando Martin Lopez (BE) – Performance/workshop - http://fuepalbar.wordpress.com/

 Une Autre Aïda - Opéra Royal De Wallonie / FMJ - Fédération des Maisons de Jeunes en Belgique Francophone (BE) - Performance - http://www.operaliege.be/fr/activites/operas-jeunes/une-autre-aida

 Ismail Erdogdu et Music Club Beringhen (BE) – Music live

 Axhan Sonn (BE) – Dj set - https://soundcloud.com/aaron-noseday       

 Coffee or Not (BE)- Music live - http://www.coffeeornot.be/ 


Note by Selim Aydoğdu

"I am a child of mixed and creative mixing. In my research on the 50th anniversary of the Turkish and Moroccan immigration to Belgium, I had above all claimed the plural identity of Belgium. Throughout the tour and through conversations with the public, I became aware of the need to continue to struggle and spread a universal message, to open the field of reflection to the greatest number and broaden their horizons of thought. DansØtopia began to be a filigree in my mind.

In January 2015, following an intense performance, in communion with the public, the direction of the CJK offers me the opportunity to realize an event on dance movement and creation. The DansØtopia project then finds a perfect support to realize itself. Bringing together artists and people from many different backgrounds and cultures in Flanders has entered the pure logic of the initiating value of the festival. The universal through the language of the body."


Read the PDF in French with more details : Dossier danseur 2 1 (1.81 Mo)